Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Part-time Program Manager - Latino STEM Alliance

Friends, Latino STEM Alliance ( looking to hire a Program Manager for this summer with an opportunity to make it a permanent position in Fall 2013. Attached is the job description. We'd really appreciate your passing along the opportunity across your network.

The position is 20 hours a week for May & June, 10 per week in July & August. $20/hour.   The last two months are subject to change (higher) if we are able to attract more resources. Please send your resume and cover letter to 

Welcome to the Center for STEM Education's K-12 Outreach Blog!

WHO WE ARE: The Center for STEM Education is a Northeastern center focused on increasing opportunities and awareness in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields for students, especially those from backgrounds currently underrepresented in these careers. We work closely with our community to accomplish this goal, and have many volunteer opportunities both on campus and in the schools and communities in which we work.
VOLUNTEERING: Whether you are passionate about enhancing math and science education for K-12 students, want to get more involved in your community, or just want to fulfill some required volunteer hours, you've come to the right place! Read about our upcoming volunteer opportunities in the blog below, and then click on the link for the event in the right-hand column to register. We offer both ongoing and one-day volunteer opportunities, and new events are being added all of the time. We encourage you to also use this blog to discuss your current service experiences with other students at NU!

We also encourage you to refer to the resources provided to gain a deeper understanding of your role as a volunteer and the community that you will be serving.